Business Solutions with Text Analytics

SpinningBytes provides Chatbots, Dialog Systems, Speech to text, Automated Customer Support, Natural Language generation, Age and Gender Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Machine Translation, Topic Categorization, Natural Language Generation and more.

Our Services

→ Onboarding Workshop

 Rapid Prototypes 

→ Ready-to-use Software Solutions

→ Data Analysis and Statistics 

Training and Education  

→ Talks at Business events in Switzerland and abroad

Text Analytics Services

Our Software


Interscriber – Automatic Interview Transcriptions

→ Auto-transcription software for quick, privacy-compliant transcriptions

→ Available for English and German audio files

→ Supports multiple speakers, including group meetings

→ Available as an online tool or as a downloadable software

→ Options between powerful cloud engines or local, secure servers

Onboarding Workshops

Our Onboarding Workshops

First Insights in 2 Hours!

→ Get an overview of existing solutions

→ Discover feasible approaches

→ Receive a cost estimation for your project

We bridge the Gap between Research and Industry

SpinningBytes is an officially accredited spin-off of the

Swiss Federal Institute of

Technology in Zurich (ETH)

Zurich University of

Applied Sciences (ZHAW)

We participate in international competitions

to keep up with the state-of-the-art.

Winner SemEval 2016

Winner of SemEval 2016

Winner of EvalIta 2016 

Winner of GermEval 2020

Winner of Swiss Alliance for Data-Intensive Services Startup Grant 2019

2nd Place at WNUT-2017

2nd Place at GermEval 2018

2nd Place at VarDial 2018

3rd Place at VarDial 2020

What our Customers say about us

We were impressed by their expertise

in machine learning.

Irene Amstutz


  The first project was a good first step – we already

started a follow-up project with SpinningBytes.

Janis Grunder


From the presentation, we got a good overview of

what’s going on in machine learning for health.

Marcel Wenger

Manager Innovation Management

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